knitting patterns into a symbols chart

* knitting patterns *

Gauge(CO) sts
Marker : RS WS

* a chart will be at new page

how to use

This site supports "bar knitting" (not crocket)
It converts knitting patterns (k1, p2) into the knitting symbols charts!
We aim to help you with 80% accuracy, so please fill the rest with DIY and enjoy !

* basic usage *
1. Write "Stitch count" and "knitting pattern" in the white space
2. Click the "into a symbol chart" button and go to the newly created page
+ Click the "PDF Download " if necessary

* The pattern will not be saved, so make a copy of it somewhere
* Always reload the page before making any changes

* rules of writing *
- Use alphabets , number and symbols as in the sample
- If you don't need marker, ignore the entry field
- To use the marker, fill in the marker form as in the sample
* The marker pattern and Gauge(CO) must be tied together as equal
(Ex) k12,pm,k18,pm,k12,pm,k8 = 12 + 18 + 12 + 8 = 50 = Gauge(CO):50
- For size expansion, choose one number and delete the rest
Example: K18 (20, 24, 27) -> K20

* if something goes wrong ... *
the symbol may be different from the expected one, or not exist
- Mistype
- The original pattern may be wrong
- Make sure "(" and ")" or "[" and "]" are in a set
- Is the symbol on the list on this site?
- Are you using Microsoft's edge? it doesn't work

Row / Round "REP" or "text instructions" doesn't work
- create the repetition part by yourself and uncheck the Auto-Row/Rnd repetition processing
(Procedure below)

whole process
1. reload the page
2. uncheck the √ of "Auto - Row/Rnd Rep"
3. you edit the pattern that didn't work
4. write down the new edited pattern
5. press "into a symbol chart" button
3.You edit the pattern

Row 1 : k1,p2,k1-tog
Row 2 and all even numbered rows work as the prev row
Row 3 : p3,yo,p1
Row 4 :

Row 1 : k1,p2,k1-tog
Row 2 : k1,p2,k1-tog
Row 3 : p3,yo,p1
Row 4 : p3,yo,p1

* when the problem persists *
- Somethin wrong with automatic conversion ?
- It should have a specific pattern ?
- Any question ?

>> please feel free to contact us
>> We may not be able to reply to you individually, but we will try to help you

* others *
- Using PC, you can expand the writing space by dragging the bottom right corner of the frame
- If the chart converter doesn't work, please ask someone who knows IT well (Javascript is used)
- The row/rnd repetition (of about 100 rows) will take a few tens of seconds to process on your computer
- Please feel free to use the chart for commercial purposes (but keep the copyright of the pattern itself)

symbols and patterns

* available symbols *
K / knit
BO : Binding off
W&T / wrap & turn

= decreases =

K2 tog
k3 tog (k2sp)
k2 tog tbl
k3 tog tbl
ssk / skp(o)
sssk / sk2p(o)
sl / slip

= increases =

CO / cast on
yo : yarn over
RLI / RL-inc
M1 / K tbl
backward loop CO
k-wrap : k1 wrapping yarn twice around the needle
k-wrap3 : k1 wrapping yarn twice around the needle 3 time
1-to-4 inc
1-to-5 inc
1-to-6 inc
1-to-7 inc
1-to-8 inc
1-to-9 inc

= cables =

TW / mock cable
2st RC (RT) / C2B / 1&1LC
2st LC (LT) / C2F / 1&1RC
3st RC / C3B / 2&1LC
3st LC / C3F / 2&1RC
4st RC / C4B / 2&2LC
4st LC / C4F / 2&2RC
5st RC / C5B / 3&2LC
5st LC / C5F / 3&2RC
6st RC / C6B / 3&3LC
6st LC / C6F / 3&3RC
front & back P / purl
BO : binding off
W&T / wrap & turn

= decreases =

P2 tog
P3 tog
P2 tog tbl
P3 tog tbl
sssp / p2sp
sl / slip

= increases =

CO / cast on
yo / yarn over
LLI / LL-inc
M1-P / P tbl
backward loop CO
k-wrap : k1 wrapping yarn twice around the needle
k-wrap3 : k1 wrapping yarn twice around the needle 3 times
1-to-4 inc
1-to-5 inc
1-to-6 inc
1-to-7 inc
1-to-8 inc
1-to-9 inc

= cables =

TW / mock cable
2st LPC (LPT)
2st RPC (RPT)
3st LPC
3st RPC
4st LPC
4st RPC
5st LPC
5st RPC
6st LPC
6st RPC
  ns : no stitch (it's not a symbol)

* available Automatic-Repeat *
Repeated instructions within a single row/rnd
- k to end
- p to end
- [k2 p3] rep 3 times
- [k2 p3] x 3
- [(k2 p3) x 2 yo] rep 2 times
- rep [(k2 p3) x 2 yo] 2 times
- [(k2 p3) x 2 yo] rep until end
- [(k2 p3) x 2 yo] rep to 1st marker

row/rnd repetition indication
- Row 3 : as Row 2
- Row 3 : Rep row 2 
- Row 3 : same as Row 2
- Rows 3 and 4 : as Row 2
- Rows 3 and 4 : same as Row 2
- Rows 8 and 9 as rows 6 and 7
- Rows 3 and 4 : knit ...

* Not all the processing patterns are described, so just try it!
* "and" = "&" ,"to" = "-"
(ex) row 2 and 3 = row 2 & 3, row 2 to 5 = row 2 - 5
* The numbers are samples.

* not available symbols *
We would appreciate it if you could tell us (or suggest) the knitting symbols of the followings...

work 2 tog
work 10 rows in St st
a expression with the word "Patt(ern)"
Rib to last 36 sts

k2 together twice ... Repeated expressions without using ( ) or [ ].

* processing logics *
Processing logic
1. recognizing the "patterns and stitch count" entered in the form
2. row/rnd repetition process (optional)
3. processing of knitting patterns "k1, p2, etc" into the symbols
4. knitting chart display

In "2. row/rnd repetition processing", the "row" number entered by the user is used
but in "3. knitting pattern processing", the "row" number is automatically assigned by computer
(It is easier to understand if you delete one or two lines of row/rnd and then convert them)

- If the stitch count is not entered, "50" is automatically assigned
- The number of row/rnd can be up to 999, and stitches up to 999, k999 and p999
- The "*" character used for repetition is only supported as a single character (** & *** are not supported)
- Repeating expression is supported by "x and ( )" or "rep and ( )"
Example: (k1,p2) x 2 // rep (k1,p2) 2 times // (k1,p2) rep 2 times
- [ ] and ( ) can be included
e.g. [(k1,p2) 2 times,sl] x 2
- The PDF conversion automatically selects horizontal or vertical by comparing rows and columns
- The function of the PDF conversion has not been perfect one yet...sorry
- The showing rule of the "uncertain words " is really complicated so, please use it as a reference
- Up to 9 markers are supported
- The relationship of marker positions between RS and WS are based on the following equation:
[(RS) marker order] = Gauge + 1 - reversed [(WS) marker order]
(Ex) [ 2 , 5 ] = 10(Gauge) + 1 - [ 9 , 6 ]
- In the cross-knitting (e.g. 6stRC), only one type of knitting pattern is included, omitting variations.

what's new

* infomation *
- 2021/Feb/28 There may be a lot of errors, so it would be helpful if you could point them out.
- 2021/Feb/28 knitton starts

- introduction movie


* links related to knitting *

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Another reason for making this site is, that I was interested in "processing information patterns with exceptions and ambiguities

We also make the following contents
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* the purpose of this site *
We help you knit by converting text-knitting-instructions into the knitting symbols chart

It is recommended to use it on iPad or PC
It is intended to be used as a set of automatic conversion and DIY spirit

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