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[Q & A]

Q1. The application sometimes crashes when dragging a card.
A1. Sorry, due to our limitations,
we don't know how to improve it at the moment.
please use it as it is.

Q2. Are there any additional features to be added to the system, even if I pay for it?
A1. No, there are no additional features
We will use it to fund our app development.

Q3. I want to delete only the data that I added by mistake when I summarize the answer data.
A1. Thank you for comments.
If there are many requests, we will consider the function.

1. [Demo Movie]


= what you can do =

1. By dragging the number cards and you can calculate
by yourself (instead of a notebook)
2. Save one answer as an image
3. Save multiple answers together as an image
(The answers cannot be judged as correct or incorrect.)

A PDF file for printing : usage of drag calc


2. [calculation screen]

3. [configuration screen]

4. [the saved image samples]

5. [In-app purchase screen]

* A stable network is highly recommended for purchase
** It takes 20-30 seconds to purchase
*** Purchase of the maze booster is charged only once,
and even if there is an error during the purchase, it will not be charged twice

6. [Apple Store link]

Apple Store - Drag Calc

7. [Privacy Policy]

- privacy policy for Apps (of App In Purchase)


- or Email me to the following address ( PNG image )

Producer: Mitsuru Omura