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Q1. The application sometimes crashes when dragging a card.
A1. Sorry, due to our limitations,
we don't know how to improve it at the moment.
please use it as it is.

Q2. I want to delete only the data that I added by mistake when I summarize the answer data.
A1. Thank you for comments.
If there are many requests, we will consider the function.

1. [Demo Movie]


= what you can do =

1. By dragging the number cards and you can calculate
by yourself (instead of a notebook)
2. Save one answer as an image
3. Save multiple answers together as an image
(The answers cannot be judged as correct or incorrect.)

A PDF file for printing : usage of drag calc


2. [calculation screen]

3. [configuration screen]

4. [the saved image samples]

6. [Apple Store link]

Apple Store - Drag Calc

7. [Privacy Policy]

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