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What is Cycle KEEPER ?

1. A Sweet Sound Repeatable Timer
2. Has two built-in timers and works like...
“Concentration 25 min + Break 5 min” set again and again
3.Good for Yoga, Stretching and Studying etc...
4.Flashing the screen and Vibration notices are also available
5. to Apple Store Cycle KEEPER page

Usage Demo


1. While counting, your iPhone will NEVER turns off automatically
2. Sounds even in silent mode
3. This app works only in the foreground
4. The accuracy of the time is NOT Guaranteed

Q & A

Q1. Is the time counted when the app is hidden?
A1. No. Time is not counted in background

Recommended usage

1. Earphones or Speaker make sound better
2. Cycle KEEPER Logo Buttun (yes,it's button!) will darken the screen
3. Your "New Feature REQUEST" will help developer a lot!

How to use

1. Time Count page

- Start Buton (yellow) / Stop Button (orange)
- Reset Button(black)
- GO to Time Setting Page Button (up right)
- GO to Sound Setting Page Button (up left)
- Number of Loops (up right): now / max
- Cycle KEEPER Logo : darken the screen
Time Count

2. Time Setting page

- Cycle :
--pink board : 1st timer setting
--blue board : 2nd timer setting
- Loop :
--adjust the Number of Loops (9 < ︎continuous > 0)
- OK button: reflect New (CYCLE and LOOP) settings
- Go to Time Count page Button (upper right)

# Immediately reflect the setting changes Buttons#
- SOUND Button : ON (GREEN)
- FLASH Button : ON (GREEN) : screen flashes
Time Setting

3. Sound Setting page

- Go to SUPPORT site Button (yellow) : Jumps to This Site
- Red Button : set the sound for 1st alarm
- Blue Button : set the sound for the 2nd alarm
- Go to Time Count Page (up left)
Sound Setting

Privacy Policy

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