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[Q & A]

Q1. The museum has gone somewhere
A1. The app needs to be restarted due to an AR function error
* Below is how to restart the app for iPhone beginners
-1. Display the multitasking screen (such as pressing the "Home button" twice quickly)
-2. Swipe the Air Museum screen to the top to end once
-3. Restart application

Q2. Is there only one charge for the More Museum?
A1. Yes, there is no double billing for one-time billing.
When the data is updated with a new iPhone, press the
"Restore Purchases" button or "Buy" button to restore the maze boost

Q3. The app doesn't work because I don't allow camera access
A1. Please allow access to the camera.
Refer to the [Setting screen], move to the setting screen and press the “iOS setting button”
and allow access to the camera.

1. [Demo Movie]


= Basic Usage =

1. press the lamp mark to see the original photo museum
2. decorate your own photos
3. change the size and color of the museum

2. [Main (AR) screen]

hide the other buttons

create a museum

reset the museum

to the Settings page

to the Photo Select page

3. [Photo select screen]

*Drag a thumbnail, you can swap the order
**Photos are large in size, so movement is slow

to the main screen

rename the museum

- trash can: dragging thumbnail to it
- Reset thumbnails: delete all

the use of the original photos

Load your photos from the iPhone (see below sample)

4. [Setting screen]

- background: pillars/wall/no
- height of the photos: 60,100,140,180(cm)
- Museum: Width (only the square shape)
- Museum: Depth (square and round)

- shaped switch: square/round

- colors of the walls and columns: cream / pink / yellow / blue / concrete / clay
- colors of the picture frame: White / Black / None
- Height for using the iPhone: -300cm to 300cm


- sound on-off
- iOS setting: camera permissions

- to molingit store to buy Museum boost
- Restore purchase

to main screen

5. [In-app purchase screen]

"Buy" button

When you purchase museum booster (More Museum),

- to expand the museum to 12 * 12
- red, orange, yellow, green, wood, and Jupiter will be added
to the colors of the walls and columns.

- The museum will be able to change its name

* A stable network is highly recommended for purchase
** It takes 20-30 seconds to purchase
*** Purchase of the maze booster is charged only once,
and even if there is an error during the purchase, it will not be charged twice

"Close" button

-Exit molingit store screen

6. [Apple Store link]

Apple Store - Air Museum

7. [Privacy Policy]

- privacy policy for Apps (of App In Purchase)


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- or Email me to the following address ( PNG image )

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