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1.[Q & A]

Q1. When I open the app, I can't see the Earth or the Moon
A1-1.When only the blue auxiliary line is visible
-Planets may be far away, try changing to R mode-> M mode (easy ratio)
A1-2. When nothing can see
* Due to AR function error, it is necessary to restart the application
** Below is how to restart the app for iPhone beginners
-1. Display the multitasking screen (such as pressing the "Home button" twice quickly)
-2. Swipe the AirMoon screen to the top to end once
-3. Restart application

Q2. When I open the app, I can see the black screen and the earth a little, but it doesn't work.
A2. Please allow access to the camera.
> Refer to the 4.[Setting screen], move to the setting screen and press the “iOS setting button”
and allow access to the camera.

Q3. Can you translate into other languages?
A3. Yes, if you can help translate the words on the app and translate this support page,
we will update to the new language added version

2. [Usage Demo Movie]

1. rorate the earth / clear screen

2. set the earth position / set the ViewPoint position

3. Real distance ratio mode

3. [Main screen]

* Can be used on both vertical and horizontal screens

“Left rotation (acceleration), stop, right rotation (acceleration)” button

-In Northern Hemisphere mode,
-- clockwise rotation is the actual direction of revolution or rotation
-In southern hemisphere mode,
--left rotation is the actual direction of revolution and rotation

"Reset" button

-Return the planet to its initial state (summer solstice in Northern Hemisphere mode, winter solstice in Southern Hemisphere mode)

"Real mode - Model mode change" button

- Switch between "Real mode", where the ratio of planet size and distance is correct, and "Model mode", which emphasizes clarity

"Hemisphere change" button

- Switch between Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere views

"Auxiliary line display" button

- Turn on / off the display of extension lines

"AirMoon logo" button

- Show / hide other buttons

"Setting page" button

- Switch to settings page

4. [Setting screen]

"App information link" button

- Come to this page

"Earth position" button

-After specifying the position of the earth, closing the setting screen will automatically change the position of the earth

"Moon position" button

-After specifying the moon position, close the setting screen and the moon position will be changed automatically
* The position of the earth and the moon can be specified independently
**The start(=zero) point is the full moon of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere
( = the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere)

Viewpoint setting switch on the earth

- By setting latitude and longitude, you can set the yellow point anywhere on the earth

"SOUND switch" button

- Sound on / off

"iOS setting" button

- Jump to the settings of this app in iPhone
- Use this when resetting camera permissions

"Back to Main" button

- go back to main screen

5.[Use data information]

Real mode

* The ratio of planet size to distance is correct
-Radius of the sun: 6.96 m
-Earth radius: 0.063 m
-Moon radius: 0.034 m
-Distance between the sun and the earth: 1496 m
-Earth-moon distance: 3.8 m
** In Real mode, press the reset button once to reset the position of the earth so you can see the movement well

Model mode

* Change the ratio of the size of the sun and the distance to make it easier to understand
-Sun radius: 0.027 m
-Earth radius: 0.063 m
-Moon radius: 0.034 m
-Distance between the sun and the earth: 0.4 m
-Distance between Earth and Moon: 0.2 m

the angle of earth axis

-Earth axis: 23.4 degrees
-Moon axis: 5.14 degrees

Revolution cycle

-Earth: 365.25 * 24 * 3600 seconds
-Month: 27.32 * 24 * 3600 seconds
* Earth and moon orbits are treated as circles
** No lunar or solar eclipse

Rotation cycle

-Sun: 25.38 * 3600 seconds
-Earth: 24.016 * 3600 seconds
-Month: 27.32 * 3600 seconds

6. for math Lovers or developer

7. Apple Store link

Apple Store - Air Moon

8. Privacy Policy

- privacy policy for Apps (of App In Purchase)


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