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0.[Q & A]

Q1. The maze has gone somewhere
A1. The app needs to be restarted due to an AR function error
* Below is how to restart the app for iPhone beginners
-1. Display the multitasking screen (such as pressing the "Home button" twice quickly)
-2. Swipe the AirMaze screen to the top to end once
-3. Restart application

Q2. The app doesn't work because I don't allow camera access
A2. Please allow access to the camera.
Refer to the [Setting screen], move to the setting screen and press the “iOS setting button”
and allow access to the camera.

Q3. When creating a maze of 15 rows * 15 columns etc, the application will fall
A3. Sorry for the inconvenience. AR Maze needs a lot of calculations, so if your iPhone is SE, 6-, 7, 8 it is recommended to use a maximum of maze of about 12 rows * 12 columns due to memory limitations

If you want to try 15 rows * 15 cols, turn off the other apps, turn off the iPhone and restart it to clear the memory
We confirmed that iPhone 7 can work with 15 rows * 15 cols in that way (depends on each iPhone situation)

1. [Demo Movie]

* Can be used on both vertical and horizontal screens

= Basic Usage =
1. Lamp Mark make a maze
2. Doors Mark open / close the door
3. AirMaze Logo hides the other buttons
... Wandering the maze as much as you like
4. At goal close the door

2. [Main (AR Maze) screen]

: maze creation
: door open
: door close buttons
-As mazes grow in size, it takes a few seconds to create

: erase mazen

: show-hide other buttons

:switch to settings page

: Adventurer Level

- When escaped the maze and closed the door, the level up by one
- the type of pictures displayed in the maze increases every two levels

3. [Setting screen]

: wall width / height change

-width: Select from 50, 100 (cm)
-height: Select from 50,100,150,200 (cm)

:maze width / depth change

-select width and depth from 1 to 15 respectively

:wall (exterior/interior) texture color

-exterior color: stone, iron, marble, red, yellow and gree
-interior color: wood, leaf, plant, grey, blue and pink

:iPhone height change

-To determine the height of the maze floor
-Try it a few times to know what it is

: come to this site

: sound on-off
: iOS setting
-Triangle mark: Jump to the settings page in iPhone
-Use this when resetting camera permissions

:back to main screen button

4. Apple Store link

Apple Store - Air Maze

5. Privacy Policy

- privacy policy for Apps (of App In Purchase)


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